Resources & Logistics


Each teacher will receive a stipend of $1300 for the workshop. You will receive this once you have uploaded your curricular project to our website and completed the required evaluation. Please note that this is taxable income and that the stipend is intended to offset or help with costs so applicants do not interpret this to mean the stipend covers all costs.

Expected Expenses


Depending on where you are based you can fly into Phoenix and take a Groome Shuttle up to Flagstaff. Flagstaff does have an airport, but you will need to see how much expense it adds. The shuttle is typically between $56 and $65 one way. If you take the shuttle, please get dropped off at Northern Arizona University. Other options include flying into Las Vegas, renting a car and driving into Flagstaff. If you are driving directly here you will need to pay for parking on campus.

Housing and Food

We have arranged for you to have housing on campus with meal tickets for some of your meals. You can choose to lodge either in a single or double occupancy and have these options with meals or without.  If you choose to stay off campus (because of accompanying family) in one of our many hotels, please note that you are required to attend all sessions.

Additional Trips

If you are able, we also suggest you add on extra days for a trip to the Grand Canyon, Sedona and many other areas which are in a 1-2 hour drive from Flagstaff. Discover Flagstaff

Important Notes

  • Flagstaff is located at 7000 feet, at high altitude. Some people react to high altitude.
  • The program will involve walking around Route 66. If you are accepted, we will ask how we can best support you to fully participate.
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